6 Branding Tips For Small Businesses

It can be difficult to establish a strong brand for a small business. Give these six branding tips a try to strengthen your brand and cement your place in the market.

1. Define your value proposition

As a small business, you don't always have the funds for extensive marketing campaigns. Your brand needs to be clear and to the point, and it needs to tell customers exactly what you can offer.

Think about why customers should give you their business. What can you offer that other companies cannot?

How do you add value? What makes you unique? This information should be articulated as a value proposition statement that all employees know and can communicate.

2. Know your values

Stand for something. Consider what is important to your company and how you want to operate. As a society, we are becoming much more socially responsible and people want to do business with good people.

Make sure to communicate the things that you are passionate about in order to create connections with customers.

3. Do good work

One of the quickest ways to kill a small business is to gain a bad reputation. Word of mouth spreads negative experiences quickly enough but now even small businesses have to contend with online reviews.

Avoid bad reviews by ensuring your business is performing well and providing good service to all customers.

4. Be consistent

All of your branding needs to be consistently communicating the same message. You want people to hear your brand name or see your brand logo and instantly understand what services you offer and what you stand for.

The best way to strengthen your brand is to make sure the same information is being communicated from all sources: website, mission statements, marketing materials and employees.

5. Have a voice

A part of being consistent is having a clear voice. Think about the words you use to articulate a message and what this says about your company.

Do you want to be fun and quirky? Serious and sombre? Educated and reliable? Think about your target audience and what will be most effective.

The important thing is that all material is written with the same voice. Even employees should be encouraged to use the same types of words when communicating with clients to ensure consistency.

6. Deliver on all promises

Just like doing good work, delivering on all promises is critical to maintaining a positive reputation. If you say you are going to do something, make sure that it gets done.

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