Leads Lion Review: Build A Sustainable Business with Unlimited Leads

It's sad for me to write this since I'm purging my old review that I wrote in 2022. 

If any of you reading this is my past customer or also in this program, I just want to tell you that the owner of this program hasn't paid my commission for more than a year now.

I forgot the exact amount, but it's 4-figures for sure. Since Randy did not even reply to any of my messages, I just want to let my reader know this and really consider before having any kind of business with this man.

He promised that he will pay me but it never happen. The last case was he said that there is a problem between Clickfunnels and Stripe and it cause my commission didn't go into my bank account.

Anyway, that's it for me. The lesson here is to be very cautious with your vendor especially if it's a private offer, not using 3rd party platform like Clickbank or Warrior+.

What I need to note down here is that I am not the only victim here. We can't do anything about this, but I know that he will reap what he sow someday.

Leads Lion Review: Build A Sustainable Business with Unlimited Leads 2

Randal (Randy) Maher is the one who creates Leads Lion and List Lion.

He shut down List Lion and turn it into Leads Lion for unknown reason. 

Beware of shady vendors guys! 

Moving forward I will only promote selected programs only, especially if it's a High Ticket. Anyway, I will focus more on my Coaching and Email Copy service since I know I can help with that.

If you are skeptical about Affiliate Marketing industry, I can understand that. But it's still one of the best alternative to start your online business. 

Don't fall into shiny objects and shady GooRoos out there. I can only say that there are still good people in this business.

My #1 recommendation is the free training made by my buddy Tim and you can get it for free below. No strings attached. Either you like it and it makes you money, or you don't. Simple as that. 

Again, I'm not happy to write this, but I know I should. Thanks for reading.