Hi and welcome to My Results section. This page will likely be renewed from time to time as I collect more commissions online. Below you will find the accumulation (since if I break it down it would make a long pic and I think it's better to show just the summary version).

My first commission back in 2020 was around $97 and I waited for about 6 months or so. That was from someone inside my list and to this date I'm still actively growing my list. If you want to know the fastest way to grow your list, I will tell you how at the end of this page.

During these 2 years, I have collected also High-Ticket Commissions from selling $1K product (anything above $1K is considered a High-Ticket). Besides this website, I also do marketing activity on Facebook. Feel free to check out my profile here. With that said, thank you for your visiting this page and I hope you get something valuable today 🙂

Word Of Advice

I began my Affiliate Marketing journey in early 2020 with absolutely nothing. No website, no email list, no social media presence (until now I only been active on Facebook only btw), no followers, and absolutely no clue what I'm supposed to do.

I am so grateful that I met some great mentors along the way and it shaped me to the man I am now. I have a 15+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing, and it helped me when I transitioned to online.

With the way the world is nowadays, the best decision that you can make today is to also start building your online business and follow my lead.

Having an online business is easy, what is not is to keep doing it. I have seen countless of people stop doing it when they see little to no results at all after a few months into this Game. Some Gurus said that it's just a numbers game. In a sense, that is true. When you have the right message sent to the right audience at the right time, then sales is just a matter of time.

You can't expect to have only do some little work and hope for the sales to happen miraculously. You need to build and nurture your business so it would grow before you can enjoy the fruit of your labor!

I actually feel reluctant to show you this, but since my best bud told me to do it, so here it is 🙂

Below you can see some of my results doing Affiliate Marketing organically (yes, I don't do paid ads at all), hope this will inspire you and show you what's possible when you believe and put your heart and soul to make it happen (and take action of course!).

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Results 3
Results 4
Results 5
Results 6
Results 7
Results 8
Results 9

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