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What They Say about the Cheat Sheet

“I would like to say a big thank you to Dom, he helped me out when I needed.

He took his time explaining and giving me clarity with organic marketing on Facebook, something that I was not doing.

He pretty much led me back on the right path. I couldn't have done that without his help”

Zach Bowling

“This Cheat Sheet has helped me out big time and saved my time so I can focus on income producing activities only”

Jenny Seah

“I have gone through Dominic's Cheat Sheet, implement it, and I was able to sell Affiliate product with his organic marketing strategies.

I must say that the value in this Cheat Sheet worth a lot more and incomparable with many e-books out there”

Ahmad Mohammad Bello

“If you are using Facebook for your affiliate marketing business, be sure to check out Dominic‘s Attraction Marketing Formula Cheat-sheet.

I reviewed it as I am fairly new to Affiliate Marketing myself and I found it very helpful to myself.

It includes everything you need to know to get started and even gives a daily action plan to follow.

It includes such things as: marketing mastery information, how to close sales, posting tips, tips to figure out your message and who your message is for, as well different types of posts and where you can find the prospects to read your posts.

If you can get a copy of this to read and follow, you won’t be sorry. You can learn a lot. Thank you so much Dom!”

Audrey Georgina Ford


What’s Inside the Cheat Sheet?

Market Positioning

You will learn how to position yourself in your niche market as a leader, grow your audience in the process, and then turn them into raving fans!

I also include an advanced training showing the exact system my Mentor use which made him $20K in just 30 Days!

Audience Building

Learn exactly how to build your KLT (Know, Like, and Trust) factor with simple technique and repeatable process.

Most people doesn't bother to do this and lose sales in the process.

I also include the secret technique to create unlimited amount of content to presell your audience!

DMO & Messenger Mastery

Most beginners are clueless on what they should do every day to move the needle. Lucky for you I also include the Daily Method of Operations inside and also how to close sales in Messenger without pitching!

About The Author

Dominic Kristianto

I am an Affiliate Marketer and a Life Coach. I start doing online business back in 2014 and I jumped into Affiliate Marketing not soon after.

Like most marketers, I start from selling low ticket products on ClickBank and W+, and somewhere within June 2020 I start diving into Facebook Organic Marketing and decided to help Coaches, Consultants, and HT Marketers who do the same thing so they can take a shortcut and saves their most valuable asset: TIME.

If you need someone to hold your hand and become your accountability partner, I am here for you :)

The Secret to Make Consistent and Predictable Income Online is Finally Revealed!

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