Freedom Marketing System Review: The Secret Sauce That No Gurus Will Ever Tell You! (And Now You Know)

Before you read, I need to put out a Disclaimer first: This review is made based on what I know about the product and at the time I write this, the product is NOT launched yet.

The purpose of this review is to give you some goosebumps, no wait, I mean some early info so you know what to expect when the actual product is out in the market. Let's get to it!

What Is Freedom Marketing System?

Freedom Marketing System is a low ticket product that will help you get your online business up and running with proven 5 Pillars that only accessible on High Ticket stuff!

In short, the Gurus won't like this one bit because this will make their kept hidden secrets out in the open and you can finally have the breakthrough you are looking for, hence the name "Freedom Marketing System".

As someone whose main focus is to achieve freedom and help other people get to their own freedom as well, this product "speaks" for me and my idealism.

I will not breakdown those 5 pillars yet, but I will let you know a bit about it so you can grasp a better understanding of what will be inside Freedom Marketing System when it's launched. Below are the 5 pillars as mentioned:

  1. Simplicity - you need to make things simple so you can actually get it done. Most Gurus try to overcomplicate things so that you will have "interdependency" with them and keep you buying their products over and over again AKA having a shiny object syndrome.
  2. Marketing Strategy & Innovation - The nitty gritty of having an Online Business that you must now and mastered. From niche selections to finding new ways of getting clients so you can have a long term business.
  3. The Ultimate Business Model - The HOW explained in detail. You are not one funnel away from your first client, but one system away from a lucrative online business!
  4. The Ultimate Client Attraction & Acquisition Process - No business will keep running without new clients. This is how you build a steady stream of new prospects that you can convert as your client.
  5. The Ultimate Traffic Source - The secret sauce that the Gurus will never tell you so they can eliminate their competition but now you know!

Getting excited already?

If you do, I would like to suggest you to grab the previous product from the same vendor (Tim Ikels) which will spoil about how Super Affiliates, The 6-Figure Marketers and Gurus get consistent traffic and sales. Sounds Good? Hop in below:

Who Is The Mastermind Behind Freedom Marketing System?

Freedom Marketing System Review: The Secret Sauce That No Gurus Will Ever Tell You! (And Now You Know) 2

Here is the guy who made this whole Course for you: Tim Ikels.

He is a cool dude from Germany and he has made around 6-Figures Online. 

To show you that he is not a fake Guru or someone who pretend to be a Guru, he showed us the Check he received from ClickBank (nobody does that nowadays lol)  

What Can I Expect From Freedom Marketing System?

Well, all I know is that the price will be incredibly affordable, around $5 for the front end product. 

And another thing, it will have 3 upsells like the previous products, namely Lazy Commissions, Traffic Endgame, and Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit.

Here are the upsells that you can also buy anytime within the course itself:

  • Ultimate Marketing Vault ($7)
    • The Complete Ultimate Marketing Vault consist of: 
      • 7 High-Quality Squeeze Pages, 5 High-Converting Splash Pages
      • 3 Epic Bonus/Bridge Page (Incl DFY Bonus Library To Choose From)
      • 1 Auto-Forwarding "Thank You" Page
      • 1 Personal "Thank You" Page
      • The Perfect DFY Lead Magnets (IM/MMO)
      • 14 Emails To Sell Your Affiliate Core Offer (Follow Up Emails, Educational Emails, and Aggressive Emails)
      • Training Included
      • Frequent Content Updates
    • If you want to start making money and saved a lot of money buying the tools needed, definitely this $7 upsell is a total no-brainer! Making $100/Day with $7 is unheard of!
    • This is by far the most complete package to start your affiliate marketing business. No need for hosting and buy expensive $97/month funnel like other Gurus told you to just to get their shared pages! (sorry but not sorry Gurus!!!)
    • With this, all you need is just an offer, an Auto Responder to set your email campaign, and start generating traffic to your pages (which I will provide for you inside my Bonuses).
  • Secret Affiliate Insider ($9.95/month OR $67 - Permanent Access)
      THE SECRET AFFILIATE INSIDER.  An Exclusive, Private Community which Is Based On 4 Pillars:
      1) Live Chat & Voice Chat Groups & Private Channels
      2) "Review Access" Channel - Get Access To The Latest Software Tools & Info Products For Your Reviews
      3) Group Coachings & Trainings, Frequently & On-Demand
      4) Accountability Channel - The Support Team You Asked For
    • If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, you need other people who can guide you and help you along the way, and that is what Secret Affiliate Insider is for.
    • You can get Direct Access to me and Tim personally inside this thriving Community. My clients paid me $197/hour for my Coaching, so this is an absolutely steal at this price! 
  • (Triple) Special License Rights ($97)
    • License Rights Means you can get 100% Commissions for yourself throughout the entire funnel when you promote Lazy Commissions
    • The Special License Rights give you the 100% commissions but also the Client's Data! This is unheard of and it's the only one out there who done this. I can't emphasize enough how important this is for you to have!
    • Further more, you can get TRIPLE benefits: 100% commissions throughout 3 funnels: Lazy Commissions, Traffic Endgame, and Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit. What does this mean for you is that you can make $100+ for every full funnel sales you made from just one buyer! Nobody else on earth is doing this!
    • With 100% commissions and 100% client data, you can build your own list of buyers that you can monetize over and over again. Is there any business out there like this with just $97 starting capital? If you find one, please do let me know below 🙂

Why You Should Grab Freedom Marketing System When It Goes Live

Simple, because it's a no-brainer decision!

Kiddin aside, I believe what I have describe above are really the best deal ever. So much value for just a measly $5 is unheard of.

I will share more details when I can get my hands on the review access. In the mean time, you can check Tim's previous product about traffic and how this is a total game-changer for you.

I made a free report detailing how I made $700 from Tim's Free Product and how you can do the same HERE. Set aside 5 minutes of your time that will change your life forever! I'm dead serious when I say this. No need to optin. Just download the report and read it now.

And with that I will end this preview of Freedom Marketing System. Stay tuned for the next update!

Oh and one more thing, you can grab the best product about traffic here: