My Traffic Powerline Review: Generate Up To $4,915.20/mth While Getting 100 Buyers Traffic?

Another new traffic platform? Apparently so, but it's unlike any other. So what is the difference? Will this be a game-changer?

Well, that is the purpose of this review. What is so special about My Traffic Powerline anyway? Let's find out!

What Is My Traffic Powerline?

My Traffic Powerline is a place to buy traffic to advertise your business / affiliate program(s). You may also earn commissions by referring new customers, and you may also earn ongoing commissions passively in the 2x12 forced matrix.

In short, My Traffic Powerline delivers traffic (100 Premium Real-Time, Real People clicks) to your website for $40 one time signup fee and $20/month (so it's $60 for the first month). You can also choose to pay yearly for $200/year.

What you get inside My Traffic Powerline:

➔Lead Capture
➔ Autoresponder
➔ List Builder & Emailer
➔ Team Viewer
➔ Google Remarketing
➔ Facebook Retargeting
➔ Vouchers & much more...

In addition, you may earn as an affiliate, and share in team building efforts with your own personal 2x12 forced matrix.

To get an idea how this works, see the chart below. Each sponsor may refer only 2 wide, the rest become spillover, benefiting you and your entire team down 12 levels.

You have 2 under you - and those 2 each have 2 under them, and so on, so it multiplies x2 down 12 levels...

 2x12 Levels Explained

My Traffic Powerline is a combination of a traffic platform with network marketing features and I think this is the first of it's kind (I might be wrong though).

My Traffic Powerline Review: Generate Up To $4,915.20/mth While Getting 100 Buyers Traffic? 2

My Traffic Powerline Member Area

How Much Can I Make With My Traffic Powerline?

Here is what's interesting. So the compensation plan is adopting a network marketing style compensation plan in which the placement is using binary system with 12 levels depth.

What this means is that you can join and do nothing, waiting for spillovers until your 2x12 matrix is full (which I totally don't recommend of course).

Your matrix will generate $4,915.20/month if you can fill them all out. You can have as many accounts as you want with My Traffic Powerline, just use different email to join and you may double or triple the income.

Here are My Traffic Powerline Compensation Plan as explained in the website:

  • 2 x 12 Forced Matrix
  • Fast Start Bonus:
    • Earn a $25 one-time bonus for each new user you refer who buys a monthly subscription
    • Earn a $50 one-time bonus for each new user you refer who buys an annual subscription
  • Matrix payouts:
    • Matrix Levels 1-12: You earn $0.60 per each person in your matrix. Total 2x12 matrix payout: $4,915.20/mo -- potential -- even if it's all spillover and you sponsor no one
  • Check match payouts:
    • 25% check match on personal referrals (requires 2 personal referrals)
    • 25% check match on 2nd generation (requires 5 personal referrals)
    • 25% check match on 3rd generation (requires 10 personal referrals)
    • 25% check match on 4rd generation (requires 25 personal referrals)
    • You also earn a potential $1,228.50 off of each person within your 4 generations on the 25% check match based on your qualifications.

You can see now how the sky is no longer the limit with My Traffic Powerline.

The only limit is the matrix depth, but you can make more money by sponsoring new member into your team because even if your new member is at level 15 in your matrix for example, you will still get the check match payouts. 

The marketing plan sounds so good on paper, but what about the actual results? That is what I will tell you shortly.

How To Make Money With My Traffic Powerline?

Simple. First you need to set up the link that you want to promote and get 100 clicks every month. You can track the performance from inside the back office so you know if it converts or not.

Secondly, you just need to share about My Traffic Platform to your email list or your marketer friends who needs traffic. You can make a review like this one here or post it on your social media account.

To help you out, you can send email(s) to your active paying member and unpaid members using built-in Autoresponder inside the back office. This is quite convenient so you don't need to invest in autoresponder to reach out to your members or your leads.

Oct 4, 2023 Update:

My first month result doesn't look good. No leads generated from 100 clicks. I will keep you updated for the 2nd month result. 

What You Need To Consider Before Joining My Traffic Powerline

Alright, so let's talk about what you need to consider if you want to get the maximum results from joining My Traffic Powerline.

  • This is not a get-rich-quick scheme! Don't put your hope on your sponsor and expect to get lots of spillovers in days! Even though it is highly likely you will get spillovers just like I did, you can never know when you will get them. It could be weeks or even months if you are not taking action at all.
  • If you only want to get the traffic and not the business itself, I highly suggest for you to test it out for at least 2months (200 clicks). Please remember that there is no refund due to the nature of the business. If you can't accept that, please don't join.
  • If you join because you want to get to that $4,915.20/mth by doing nothing but joining, you will be disappointed.
  • As like many other business opportunity out there, there is no guarantee how long the momentum will keep on going. Especially if your action is just hoping to get spillovers.
  • I did not get any results from the traffic, so it's highly questionable if the traffic is really premium as they say.

Okay, that is all I wanted to say. By now you should already have a clear understanding about My Traffic Powerline.

Do I Recommend My Traffic Powerline?

After joining for a month, I did see some spillovers, but I also see that it has become stagnant.

Because the actual product being offered (the so called premium traffic) is not worth it in my opinion, I would say that you better save your money and get a real product that actually delivers.


I think it's pretty obvious by now that I don't recommend My Traffic Powerline. This is just another biz-opp that focuses on the marketing system and not the product.

Rather than spending $60 for this, you can spend a measly $5 and get a real value for your money that exceeds your expectations.

These are what you will get with the Freedom Marketing System:

  • Proven & Complete, Truly Evergreen Marketing System
  • Simple, Highly Profitable Client Attraction & Acquisition Funnel
  • Live Case Study Included - You Can See The System In Action
  • Gets Updates Over Time - Based On Your Feedback
  • Learn Solid, Proven & Evergreen Marketing Principles

With Freedom Marketing System, you can say goodbye to your 9 to 5 grind and have an actual business that brings you FREEDOM. Sounds good?

I hope you enjoyed my review.

If you have any questions about My Traffic Powerline that I haven't answered above, please let me know in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer all your questions.

Thank you!

At your Service,

Freedom Cruiser Team