100 Percent Click Review: Another Awesome Traffic Source You Need To Have

As any marketer who needs traffic, I join 100percentclicks in order to get more eyeballs to my offer. 

I upgraded to Gold member for $10 and I think this is still a bargain. I will tell you how I get that $10 price tag below. 

What Is 100 Percent Clicks?

It's a new safelist from Frank Salinas. If you don't know what safelist is, in a nutshell this is a platform where you can send email to other members inside the safelist platform and there are usually a free and paid upgrade options.

100 Percent Click is no different. I think what makes it different is the membership program and that even if you upgraded to paid member, you still need to collect credits because you will only get a certain amount at the beginning.

100 Percent Clicks Membership Tier

There are 4 tiers of membership. You can join as Free Member and you can send up to 5,000 Emails Per Month. 

Gold Member ($97 paid once) can send up to 15,000 Emails Per Month. 

Platinum Member ($197 paid once) can send up to 45,000 Emails Per Month + Exit Pop URL. 

Elite VIP Member ($297 paid once) can send up to 60,000 Emails Per Month + No Emails + 100% Commissions + 10 Million Credits + Add Their Autoresponder. 

I was offered Platinum for $50 but I decided to skip it because I wanted to test this first.

So far the results are quite good. 30 clicks from 1,000 subscribers means 3% CTR on average for every email I sent. I got some quality leads from this (all from tier-1 countries like the US) and I can't wait to have my first sale from this. I will send an update soon. Stay tuned.

What I Like From 100 Percent Clicks

Well, almost all safelists have identical features. Banner ads, text ads, login ads, credit emails, & solo ads are common features now. But what attracts me to join are these 3 things:

  1. All members earn 100% commissions on referrals' first purchase, regardless of their membership level. This means you can make your investment back if you get just one referral upgrade to Gold if you are also a Gold member yourself.
  2. Member-to-member payments. This is a cool feature where you can send the payment to your sponsor directly to activate your account upgrade. This is something really new that I never saw in any other safelist before. And because of this, there is the 3rd benefit below.
  3. No more waiting for commissions because your referral can send the payment directly to you. Plus you have up to 11 ways to get paid inside 100percentclicks member area.
These 3 are the coolest things about this safelist. Actually, there is another one, and that is the 75% commission as a Platinum member and 100% commission as an Elite VIP.

There is no monthly fee, and that is also a great thing for many marketers including me. 

What I Dislike About 100 Percent Clicks

Well, I have a few things in mind. 

First, I don't like login ads, but they will need to be shown on the login page (that's why it's called login ads in the first place).

Second, there will be an annoying offer to upgrade after you log in. I usually skip them.

Third, since I can only email every 2 days, I need to upgrade to Platinum so I can email every day.

But yeah, this also works so that each referral will upgrade to platinum eventually. 

I got to say that he 4-tier membership is a brilliant idea. Frank Salinas is an IM veteran who came up with this idea. 

IMPORTANT! What You Need To Know About 100 Percent Clicks Membership Pricing

I told you before that I upgraded to Gold for $10. Actually, the original one-time offer is $25 for Gold upgrade, but there is a downgrade option for just $10 with fewer benefits (which is fine by me).

For Platinum, there is also a one-time offer of $50, and for Elite VIP is $107 (it will go up soon).

These so-called OTOs will show up again every time you log in (which is annoying, but this is how you make more money from your referrals obviously).

DON'T upgrade inside the member area, unless you want to pay more (and feel generous LOL).

If you want to upgrade, just log out and log in again to see the OTO. You will save a ton of money doing so.

Do I recommend 100 Percent Clicks?

As I always say when I promote a safelist. Try it. Use all the features, get comfy with it, and decide if you think it's worth it or not. 

I almost forgot. There is a contest inside for each member. From what I saw, 100percentclick is still relatively new (the website was registered on March 2023), so you should be able to promote this and get your investment back in no time. 

As I said, this is quite cool and this will grow bigger because the founder is someone who knows what he is doing. Remember, money loves speed. Get the traffic and My $100/Day Special Weapon when you upgrade to Platinum today (see below for more info). 
100 Percent Click Review: Another Awesome Traffic Source You Need To Have 2

100 Percent Clicks Member Area

The Best Bonus Package For 100 Percent Clicks Gold Member Upgrade

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I hope you enjoyed my review.

If you have any questions about 100 Percent Clicks that I haven't answered above, please let me know in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer all your questions.

Thank you!

At your Service,

Freedom Cruiser Team