3 Ways You Can Achieve Your Goals in 2024 While Having Fun Along The Way

Wow, look how fast time flies. It's January again and as usual most of us may have created New Year's Resolutions and getting excited on how it will unfold.

Problem is, I have found that New Year's Resolutions quickly forgotten as we are back in our routine and old habits.

This is why I don't recommend making resolutions but instead craft some meaningful goals that you really want to achieve.

Why is it different you ask? Well, goals are more specific and we are goal-oriented creature. Our brain has something called servo mechanism and if we feed it with a clear target, then it will work some ways to achieve them.

It will attract the right person and situation in order to make those goals come true. This is what the Law of Attraction is really all about btw.

I won't dive deeper into how to create a meaningful goal, but I want to share with you what I found helpful so you can achieve your financial goals while having fun and avoid getting frustrated and burnout.

Here are 3 ways you can have meaningful goals and have fun while pursuing them:

1. Don't get attached to your goals 

Let's face it. Some people are afraid to even have goals because they are not sure if they can achieve it or maybe feeling unworthy due to past programming by their parents or specific events when they grow up.

Here are a few things about goals: if you stretch it too thin then you won't get excited, but if you stretch it too far out then your self doubt and fear will creep in and it will tell you to procrastinate so you won't get hurt if you fail.

Well, as cliche as it may be, the biggest regret people have before they die is that they DIDN'T pursue their dreams because they are just too afraid if they don't achieve it and therefore do nothing about it.

You should have an audacious goal(s) for sure, but you need to also be realistic about it (remember S.M.A.R.T. goals method?).

For example, don't put a goal to have a billion dollar in a year when you are just starting out without any skills and network at your disposal.

If you are just starting out, better put a goal to make your first $100 and then your first $1000 online with Affiliate Marketing. This is by far the most make sense, and you can get the exact step by step on how to do just that HERE.

When you have a meaningful goal like making $100/day in 2024 and you have the exact roadmap to get there, you can now devised a daily plan-of-action that you can control while keep reviewing them from time to time.

Having a group of companion along the way to keep you accountable and help you when you feel lost is another benefit that you can have when you join a mastermind filled with people who has the same goal with you. 

You need to have a nothing-to-lose mindset when pursuing a goal, pretend that you are playing a game, and you play to win by giving it all you got. That way you still keep your eyes on the prize will still having fun doing it.

2. Be prepared for something better or to change course if necessary

In summary: be flexible. Don't get fixated on just one method or one course. Remember that you are unique and special, and thus you will have your own way of doing things.

Many Gurus will try to convert you to believe that their method is the BEST so you will keep following them and be their cash cow (I don't mean to be rude, but that is just the way it is). 

If a certain influencer reach success with YouTube using a specific method, it doesn't mean you will also get the same results when you apply them.

Online business is not an exact science. What works yesterday may not work today. New method gets obsolete fast in this age of Information.

That is why I always stick to mastering basic skills rather than finding loopholes or tactics which only work temporary.

You need to set the destination, but you can alter your course when you need to. There are many ways to Rome my friend. Find what works and stick to it. 

Always be prepared for surprises. Technology is awesome, but it can also malfunction sometimes.

Don't rely too much on one platform especially social media. The best way to build your business is to have your own email list so you can always have a way to reach your audience anytime.

3. Stay cool and frosty when things don't go your way

Life is unpredictable. Exactly why you should always have a backup plan. If things don't go your way, you can always switch to another alternatives that will help you achieve your goal.

Remember, this is not an exact science. You need to test things and see how they fare. You need  to adopt a flexible mindset.

Tweak when necessary. Pivot when you found something that is working better than your previous method.

I know it's not as easy as it may sound, but there is no alternative for this. That is what entrepreneurs do.

Be proactive, be bold in making business decision. It may turn out wrong, but you can always learn from your mistakes.

So here is another principle you need to adopt: never gamble more than you can afford to lose.

If your investment in a course or a software didn't yield in a positive revenue at your expected time table, you can still afford to manage it.

Going all in or nothing at all is not the way. That is suicide in my opinion. Always manage your expectation and your finances carefully. 

I say this because I know there are people out there who think they found THE ONE and go all in without thinking rationally.

Betting the pension fund on a High Ticket investment that promises 1% per day return for example is a RED ALERT for me.

Again, manage your expectations and how much you are willing to risk into your online business and you are going to be able to have fun along the way.

For me having a peace of mind is more valuable than anything. As human we wants to speed up the process. Me too.

If possible, I want to make $100K TODAY while doing nothing else but sleeping lol (well, actually some people can do this, but of course only a very small amount).

We know that is not how the world works and we need to accept that there is always a process we need to go through before we are able to reap the result.

Phew, I didn't intend this post to be this long lol. Anyway, I hope you find it helpful. Please let me know when you do. Appreciate it very much 🙂 

I truly hope you like this article as much as I love writing it. It would be awesome if you might learn something new here to accompany your journey to freedom.  

So that's it for now and feel free to cruise on another post inside my website. Thank you!

At your service,

Freedom Cruiser Team