How to Get Relevant Connections on LinkedIn

If you’ve ever used LinkedIn on your phone, you’ve probably noticed that the magic genie of business-minded social networking has granted you an unlimited number of taps and connections.

You can literally just position your thumb or finger in one place and ceaselessly move it up and down, and LinkedIn will keep filling in the spot with fresh blood.

Unfortunately, this may not be such a great way to build legitimate business connections, as much as it is a way to hand your contact info to unscrupulous marketers.

Here are some ways to gain relevant followers.

#1: Know what you’re looking for. 

Put some parameters into the search field. Are you looking for teachers, salespeople, or real estate agents? LinkedIn will help you find some people like that, and you can connect with them.

Most people on LinkedIn are amenable to connecting with total strangers (after all, it’s for business) so click away.

Once you’ve exhibited a pattern of connecting with this demographic, LinkedIn will automatically start suggesting people within this industry.

#2: Publish relevant content. 

There’s a lot of garbage posting and reposting on LinkedIn, so good content that catches people’s eye is key to drawing relevant followers.

Use good images and writing to speak from a place of expertise that builds trust and a following. Usually people will not just follow you and your page, but connect with you outright...and even if they don’t, you can reach out yourself.

#3: Cross the channel. 

Use other social media platforms to direct some traffic to your LinkedIn page and draw engaged followers.

Youtube videos, Facebook and Instagram posts, and guest posts on blogs can all be great ways to draw some enthusiastic connections into the fold. If you do any speaking on a podcast, give your page a shoutout as well.

#4: Tell friends and family. 

Word of mouth is probably the biggest marketing boon to business out of all them. Just think...probably nine times out of ten, when you need to find a product or service, you either ask around or read reviews.

Tell your employees and connections to follow you and suggest your page to their own network. Since they’re already related to your business, it’s a good starting point to build some engaged followers and connections.

#5: Join the party and be friendly. 

People will also friend you on LinkedIn. Don’t pass up the opportunity for a connection! Sure, many of these connections will just be trying to sell you something, but you never know when a new friend in the business world could come in handy.

And even if they are trying to promote their own good or service, that creates an opening to promote yours, and add to your network of potentially useful connections.

I truly hope you like this article as much as I love writing it. It would be awesome if you might learn something new here to accompany your journey to freedom.  

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