How To Design Your Brand In 5 Easy Steps

Building a brand is no easy task. It requires a great deal of investment and perseverance to get a brand established and ensure it is successful.

These five easy steps to designing a brand will help to ensure you experience the financial pay off of a successful brand.

1. Identify your key messages

Before doing anything, consider what you want your brand to say. What messages do you want to communicate to customers?

What do you want people to think of when they hear your brand name? Consider your company values and what you want to stand for. Think about the company history, why it is in existence and what you hope to achieve.

2. Create a mission statement

When you've identified your key messages, it's time to articulate these ideas in a mission statement. A mission statement should clearly articulate exactly why your company exists.

It should include the services that are being offered, the reason for its creation, any interesting information about its history and its ambitions for the coming years.

3. Design a logo

A logo is an important design element for your brand that can help it become easily recognizable, even without words. You want it to represent your company without being too complicated.

Sometimes simple is better when it comes to logos, making it easier for people to distinguish and remember. The logo should be in your company colours.

4. Launch your website

Your website, like all marketing material, needs to communicate the same desired messages. It should also include your logo and company colours so that it is easily recognizable.

Your website should be used to create an extensive information source for (potential) customers. It should clearly articulate who you are, what you offer and how they can get in touch.

Call to actions are critical to business success (they demonstrate the next step for a potential client looking to book or get more information) and should be included on your website in similar wording to the rest of your branding material.

Carefully choose what words you use for call to actions and the rest of your website as this is the voice of your company.

5. Set up social accounts

Begin communicating your brand by setting up accounts on social media platforms. Posting regularly is a good way to interact with customers, keep people updated on latest developments and receive feedback.

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