The 5 Best Ways to Promote an Online Brand

There are a plethora of ways to promote an online brand, whether you are a freelance content writer or a medium sized business owner.

While the industry might make a difference in terms of branding implementation, there are trends and patterns to promote an online brand that holds true regardless of this.

#1 - Blogging

Blogging has consistently been identified as the best kind of branding exercise. Blogging boasts many benefits over most other kinds of branding strategies.

You will have the opportunity to create long-form posts with images and statistics that convey what your brand is really about. 

This cannot be done with a logo or signature. Blogging also provides alternative benefits such as SEO ranking, affiliate and paid advertising revenue streams, email collection, community engagement, and the ability to enhance the brand through the content itself.

#2 - Social Media

Social media is another way to promote an online brand. While it may often lack the depth of a blog article, social media is far better for people who want to engage in real-time dynamic news.

It moves more quickly and offers opportunities for faster branding and viral content. There are more people there and the potential is bigger.

#3 - Live Streaming and Video

People engage much better with live content in a video format in comparison to text. You can use a video streaming service to convey your brand in a much more personal, unique, and powerful way than posting blog content.

Creating a video and setting up a live stream is much easier than most people believe. Many people are reluctant to use these technologies despite how easy it is to create them.

#4 - Influencer Marketing

If you are not comfortable creating a brand or feel like you do not have what it takes, then consider influencer marketing.

There are subject matter experts on social media sites with huge followings. You can pay them to promote your product or service.

Influencer marketing has really taken off in recent years, primarily through the advent of charismatic YouTube personalities with huge followings.

#5 - Paid Search Advertising

Paid advertising still works, though it can be a little more difficult to get right in comparison to other branding models.

Remarketing is where it can be especially effective. Remarketing is exposure to adds across a variety of websites and platforms.

Over time, people will become more familiar with your brand due to repeat exposure.

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