Why You Should Stop Selling to Internet Marketers and Start Selling to Silver Surfers

Okay, this title was designed partly to get your attention… 🙂

Sometimes, selling to internet marketers is a great idea.

Internet marketers are generally willing to buy digital products, they are tech savvy, they have disposable income and they love buying books on making money because they will see it as an investment. Everyone wins.

But when it comes to affiliate marketing, this niche is a little overcrowded.

There are a million e-books out there on making money online and counting. How can you expect to stand out among that crowd?

The solution is to stop focusing purely on this audience and to start looking elsewhere. For instance… how about silver surfers?

Why Silver Surfers Are Your Perfect Demographic

Many of us think of the web as a 'young person's domain'.

In reality, this couldn't be further from the truth.

There are countless silver surfers on the web today and as they start to lose mobility or leave their jobs, they will only spend more time on forums and in chat rooms.

This gives you a gigantic audience to market to and what's exciting about that is that many of them have big disposable incomes and very clear hobbies and interests.

Moreover, they are getting sold to nowhere near as much as other demographics like the aforementioned internet marketer.

How to Sell to Silver Surfers

So how do you sell to silver surfers?

As an affiliate marketer, you first port of call will be to find a product that's aimed at them.

This might be something like an e-book on 'getting fit for over 70s', it might be a book on a hobby that's common for older people – it might even be a 'make money online' book aimed at the elderly.

Alternatively, you can also try selling health supplements, clothes and other physical products that an older audience might be interested in.

If you can't find such a product on JVZoo or W+ (good luck!) then you can always instead try contacting the manufacturer of a product you'd like to sell for them.

If they have a website with their details on, you may well find they're open to these kinds of opportunities and business deals.

Silver surfers are of course just one example of a 'lesser known' demographic. The real message? Don't just stick with internet marketers! 

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