Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Review: A Scientific Approach To Sell Anything Online

Hello and Welcome to My Review of Sales Prognosticator Masterclass. This is indeed an unique and awesome Masterclass where you can learn to sell anything online and offline.

I personally bought and use what being taught here inside the Masterclass and I know for sure as someone who has 14 years of experience in the Sales and Marketing industry, what works and what doesn't. Let's get started!

What Is Sales Prognosticator Masterclass?

Sales Prognosticator Masterclass is a Video Course which will uncover a new framework on how you can sell anything online.

The framework itself has been used over and over again and resulting in Millions of Dollars products sold!

In short, you will learn exactly how to use this framework (it has been designed to work on social media, Facebook in particular) from how to attract your audience, connect with them on Messenger, and transition it to sales call.

And don't worry, you will get all you need inside, even the exact words you need to say and how to build your rapport on the get go.

What Exactly Will I Get Inside Sales Prognosticator Masterclass?

To name a few, here are the benefits you will get inside the Sales Prognosticator Masterclass when you decided to jumped in:

  • Leverage over 14 years of sales experience
  • Three content hacks that will bring you a FLOOD of leads DAILY!
  • How to 'Hack' your mind to project sales success
  • how to create mouth watering bonuses and offers with ease
  • How To Get People To WANT To Buy, So You Don't Need To SELL Them
  • The One Question You MUST Ask That Most Never Do
  • How To Transition Seamlessly
  • How To Instantly Reprogram Your Mindset For Success
  • Discover How To Change The ENTIRE Framework Of Your Mindset Around Sales & Money
  • This 'Affinity Hack' allows you to build instant rapport with ANYONE
  • And much much more...

PLUS you will also get some bonuses inside!

Sneak Preview of The Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Member's Area

To show you what the Member's Area looks like, here is a screenshot of it. As you can see, the contents are divided into 5 Menu:

  • Sales Psych 101 - Where you will learn the right mindset so you can sell with more confidence
  • Messenger - This is the Conversation part where you build up your connection with your prospects via message app
  • The Call - This is where you get into the Sales Call with your prospects and do the actual selling. You will also get the working script on how to do this correctly
  • Turning This into A Business - This is where you learn how to craft an Irresistible Offer and how to generate inbound leads for your business
  • Resources - This is where you can get the sales script, the presentation file, and Extra Bonuses for you. 
Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Review: A Scientific Approach To Sell Anything Online 2

Who is The Guy Behind Sales Prognosticator Masterclass?

Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Review: A Scientific Approach To Sell Anything Online 3

The mastermind behind Sales Prognosticator Masterclass is Jamie Gardiner.

He has 14 years experience of sales and has made over a few million and is now revealing his secret for you.

He also won the 2-Comma Club award from ClickFunnels, which means that he has sold over a million dollars of digital product online! 

How Much Does Sales Prognosticator Cost and Is It Worth It?

For the time being, it is sold at $497 one time only and you can get the whole Masterclass with the Bonuses plus future updates for FREE!

The great thing about the SPM framework is it's easy to digest, simple to use and more importantly, regardless of where you are in your marketing journey, you will benefit from the dramatic change of beliefs you'll experience from this training.

If you collect all of the experience and hardships by yourself, how long would it take to get you to the point where you want to be? 4 or 5 years?

Or maybe more? And would you prefer to go for it by yourself or do you want someone who has been through it all for more than 14 years to help you out and hold your hand? There lies the answer.

What's With The Premium Price Tag of Sales Prognosticator Masterclass  ? 

Now this is the time to answer the most frequently asked question of all time. And to answer this, I would like to know how much is premium and how much is standard for you?

If I asked this to other people, I am 100% sure they will have a different answer. Why? Because it's a perceived value! If you are thirsty and you get lost in the middle of a desert, how much would a glass of water worth for you?

If I sell it for $997 and it saves you from being dehydrated, or even worse, dying, would you still not buy it when you have the money?

See, this is just a matter of how valuable your time and effort is. If you can get the experience of someone who has already been in the industry for 14 years and has proven to made millions of dollars in sales, would a mere $497 still expensive for you?

Is There Any Money Back Guarantee for Sales Prognosticator Masterclass?

The answer is definitely: NO. You can not ask for your money back for all the knowledge and skills you are going to get when you enrolled inside this Masterclass. 

So if you are not serious about building your online business, or if you are just want to tried it out and see how it goes, then this is simply not for you.

Is There Any Guarantee At All for Sales Prognosticator Masterclass?

Yes, as a matter of fact, there IS ONE! And it's a very bold guarantee if I may say so myself. If you're not completely satisfied with the training and don't make your investment back using the training and mindset shifts within the training,

Jamie will personally work WITH you UNTIL you make back your investment. It doesn't matter whether this is 3 days or 3 months, he will work with you until you make back your investment!

I have known Jamie for quite some time and I know that he put his money where his mouth is and he is known to coach thousands of people who make High Ticket Commissions online. 

This personal guarantee is totally a Game-Changer for you and if you did not see the value in it then this is simply not for you. Every business entails risk, but Jamie has made is so unbelievably no-brainer for you by providing his time to help you for FREE.

Who Will Benefit Greatly From Sales Prognosticator Masterclass?

Are you an online marketer? Whether you are an Affiliate marketer or Network marketer, or even a coach, consultant, or a course creator, you will still need to master the skill of selling.

The foundation of every business is none other than the ability to sell stuff and it is no different for online business. You still need to build the Know, Like, and Trust factor to your audience.

And moreover, the framework used within Sales Prognosticator Masterclass is battle tested and proven to convert, especially if you do the sales process using Social Media like Facebook.

This means that you can apply it to organic marketing and I will also teach you how to do that using Facebook as one of my bonuses. Sounds good?

The Best Bonuses For Sales Prognosticator Masterclass

To make the decision an absolute no-brainer for you, I came up with this special bonus package for Sales Prognosticator Masterclass (Total Real World Value: $1,125):

  • (60min) 1 on1 Zoom Coaching Call With Me Personally (Worth: $197)
    • We get to know each other a bit, discuss your current knowledge, skills, and goals, and how to achieve your goals ASAP! (truly the easiest & fastest way to success that I know of).
    • I will coach you and share my experience with you and saves you lots of time trying to do things on your own. 
    • Leverage my 2 years of experience doing Facebook Organic and make 4-Figure months
  • Lifetime Access to my Inner Circle (Worth: Priceless)
    • This means that you can reach out to me whenever you need any advice or assistance and I will share with you my latest finding to boost your income faster.
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery (Worth: $67)
    • You will learn strategies to generating a life-changing income online & unlock the secrets' to complete affiliate marketing mastery. 
    • Topics covered:
      • Affiliate Marketing
      • Benefits of Starting with Affiliate Marketing
      • Top Affiliate Marketing Trends
      • How to Promote Your Website and Get Traffic
      • The Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs
      • Writing Content for Affiliate Marketing
      • Using Social Media Platforms for Affiliate Marketing
      • Qualities of a Good Affiliate Marketer
      • The Challenges Associated with Affiliate Marketing and How to Overcome Them
      • How to Promote Affiliate Offers
  • The Traffic Handbook (Worth: $67)
    • Great internet marketing is about marrying new strategies (like SEO and social media marketing) with tried and tested principles. That means understanding what your business is about, who your audience is, and how to get them excited. It means delivering amazing value and information through your content.
    • Here are what you will learn in this guide: 
      • Content marketing strategies to attract a bigger audience to your blog or social profiles.
      • 7 benefits of posting valuable content on your website and social media.
      • How to build links that will actually IMPACT on your ranking!
      • How to write SEO content that generates organic search traffic and boosts your ranking.
      • How to grow your social media exponentially with minimal effort
      • Understand the principles that can be applied to any site and any business.
      • How many times you should post on your blog and social profiles. Here's our recommendation if you're just starting out.
      • Tips on SEO, paid advertising, social media, and branding for building an online presence.
      • 5 effective content types to grow your traffic and sales.
      • Three types of keywords you want to target when it comes to search engine optimization. Understand each of these keyword types for the biggest gains in organic traffic.
      • And much, much more!
  • Access to my ENTIRE bonus library (Worth: $597).
    • Over 54 digital products for you to use/study or give away so you won't have any shortage of bonuses to give to your audience or buyers.
  • Attraction Marketing Formula (Worth:$197). 
    • Learn the exact process to make people ask your business opportunity and willingly join your tribe. Works with organic Facebook strategy and proven to convert time after time ( you need to have a Facebook account to do this).
    • I will show you how to become an Authority fast and get unlimited leads with Facebook!!
    • Works with organic Facebook strategy and proven to convert time after time ( you need to have a Facebook account to do this).
    • I will show you how to become an Authority fast and get unlimited leads with Facebook!!
    • This is the culmination of my own experience doing Organic Marketing for more than 2years now and it works not only for me but my students as well.
    • What I teach simply works and is delivered in a compact and quick to digest manner so you can execute it right away. Remember that money loves speed!

I hope you enjoyed my review.

If you have any questions about Sales Prognosticator Masterclass that I haven't answered above, please let me know in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer all your questions.

Thank you!

At your Service,

Freedom Cruiser Team