Planning to Create Your Own Software? Here’s What NOT to Do

Whether you plan on building a mobile app or a piece of SaaS software, creating a program for customers to pay for and download is a great business model.

Not only does this make it possible for you to sell a product that has zero overheads, no storage and no delivery, but it also lets you sell something with very real and very clear value.

The danger with an eBook is that people could get all the same information online if they were willing to look for it. On the other hand, a piece of software is something complex and premium that they will only be able to benefit from if they are willing to pay.

But creating software is a challenge and a lot of people will go about it in the wrong way. Here are some things not to do.

Jealously Guard Your Idea

It’s a well known fact in Silicone Valley that execution is more important than ideas. Ideas for apps are a dime a dozen – it’s actually being able to bring that idea to market that is hard.

Therefore, if you approach a developer or publisher with a ‘NDA’ (Non Disclosure Agreement) and refuse to tell them anything about your idea until it’s signed, then you’ll likely just be laughed out of the room!

No one is trying to steal your idea and even if they were, your best protection is to do it first and do it best!

Try to Build the Next Facebook

Another way to quickly get laughed out of any meeting is to tell people how you plan to make a new social network that will change the way we interact with people.

What most people will tell you at this point is: no you will not.
The thing to remember here is that there are very few Mark Zuckerbergs in the world.

And while you may some day be able to change the world, you shouldn’t set out to do that for your first project. Try and get a proven track record and demonstrate to people that you have the necessary skills.

From a money making perspective it also makes sense to start earning before you invest years and thousands of dollars.

The kind of app you should be setting out to make will be something simple and easy that you can describe in under a minute. It’s just good business sense!

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