LUCK #1 Review: The Power Of Internet Marketing

Here is another product from Lee Murray called LUCK, which stands for Lee's Ultimate Content Kits.

If you are wondering if this product will be a good fit for you or not, you have come to the right place. Let's start this review!

What Is LUCK All About?

Each new edition of LUCK comes with 14 "rotator emails" and one spin-ready mini article.

Each mini article can be stacked on top of others to create massive blog posts that Google absolutely goes crazy for. In the members area, Lee will teach you exactly how to use these, transition from one to another, and get the best results possible.

LUCK #1 is all about the power of internet marketing.

We're taking folks from the very beginning, letting them know that if financial independence and long-term well-being is truly their goal, then no other opportunity (surveys, paid-to-click sites, or any other wacko "opportunity") even comes close...

To good ol' internet marketing. 

In this particular mini article (which Lee also call a "content booster") we lay the foundation for why a person would want to follow this path in the first place.

This will serve as a fantastic launchpad for future LUCK editions, as it really speaks to newbies and begins to walk them down the correct path to true success online.

In short, LUCK is about Internet Marketing and Lee gave you DFY emails and DFY blog content with full training on how to use them.

What Is Taught Inside LUCK?

There are 5 modules inside LUCK as described below:

  • Module 1: Watch My Welcome Video
  • Module 2: Access Your Goodies (14 DFY emails and 1 blog article)
  • Module 3: Follow My System
    • Step 1: Set Up Your Lead Capture  System
    • Step 2: Choose Your Rotator & Add Links
    • Step 3: Load Your Emails
    • Step 4: Start Posting LUCK style
    • Step 5: Reinvest Profits To Drive Paid Traffic
    • Step 6: Set Your Work Schedule
    • Step 7: Collect All 50
    • Step 8: Put It Together
    • Step 9: Join me at freaky funnel
  • Module 4: Claim Your Bonus  
  • Module 5: Again, Viral leads and $100 instant  Payments can really change your life

Sneak Peek Into LUCK's Member Area

Here is a sneak peek inside the member area:

LUCK #1 Review: The Power Of Internet Marketing 4

Who Is LUCK For? And Is It Right for You?

If you've stopped buying into the idea that there's a magic piece of software out there that can make you rich, then LUCK may be for you.

If you understand that making money online takes work, but you're not willing to bust your ass for years not even knowing if you'll make money, then LUCK may be for you.

If you're tired of slimy snakes who hit your pain points with "blind sales copy," meaning they never come out and tell you what they're offering, then LUCK may be for you.

If you feel like nobody's really got your best interests in mind, but would rather just make a quick buck off of you... and you're done with it... then LUCK may be for you.

If you're willing to make a reasonable effort now and start seeing results in days or weeks - not months or years - then LUCK may be for you.

To summarize it, you still need to do the work. This is not a push-button system or get rich quick scheme. There is a big possibility you won't make any dime in your first 6 months, especially if you know nothing about Internet Marketing.

I said this from my own experience. I might be wrong, but nevertheless, if your website is new, you need at least 6months to gain authority and get decent traffic organically.

Is LUCK legit? Does LUCK really works?

Yes, it is legit. I have gone through the member area and I know this system works. What I don't like is that Lee recommends some other program which I am not sure about their credibility.

Recommending an Autoresponder or a website builder/hosting is fine, but other than that, I don't think you need any other thing, especially if it's a paid ad. Furthermore, Lee said that the rotator will keep your article fresh and unique. Even if that is true, I still think it is way much better to write your own articles.

So, in the end, do I recommend LUCK? Unfortunately for this time I have to say NO. I don't like the other programs Lee recommend inside LUCK and I am one to always advice to make your own content rather than have it DFY. 

Is There Any Alternatives for LUCK?

Yes. If you want to learn how to make money online from the ground up and the most straightforward way to make $100/day, here is my recommendation

Inside my recommendation, you will find "the lost treasure" of Affiliate Marketing and you will also get a free challenge that will help you build your business faster.

PLUS there is a warm and helping community which you can join later on and will save you a lot of bucks for sure! Well, with that I'm wrapping up this post.

I hope you enjoyed my review.

If you have any questions about LUCK that I haven't answered above, please let me know in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer all your questions.

Thank you!

At your Service,

Freedom Cruiser Team