Lead Scoring and CRM Software

Lead generation and sales is very much a science. Once you calculate this down to the finest detail.

It becomes a process that you can repeat indefinitely and that you can fine tune in order to get the very best results.

This becomes even more true when you have a website and you are managing your leads through CRM (lead management software).

This then allows you to use ‘lead scoring’ and to identify who is most likely to buy from you and who is most worth the effort communicating with.

Understanding Lead Scoring and CRM

What contact management/lead management solutions do, is to allow you to organize your contacts and leads in a large database and keep all their details conveniently to hand.

This can save you a lot of work, trawling through large lists of names and trying to remember who was doing what.

But what CRM software also does is to streamline a lot of more advanced processes.

This includes the highly valuable ‘lead scoring’ which essentially gives each of your leads a score based on how likely they are to buy from you and how engaged with your brand they are.

If someone signs up to your mailing list, that suggests they are at least interested in your brand.

However, it gives you no assurance that they are interested in buying from you or that they’re in the market to buy anything at all.

From there, you’ll then send out emails and communicate with them. Some of those subscribers will open your messages and read them.

Some will click your links and visit your site. Others will simply ignore your content altogether.

Those customers who click your emails the most though, who visit your site the most and who perhaps have spent time in your ecommerce store are the people who are showing the most engagement with your brand.

These are the people who not only like your site and your ethos but are also thinking about buying.

CRM software allows you to track this – using cookies in order to see which subscribers go on to spend time on your website and which ones read to the bottom of the page.

What you can then do is to send out marketing messages to those readers who have spent a lot of time on your site and have demonstrated a large amount of engagement.

Once they pass a certain threshold, they automatically get sent an email promoting your product and they buy! 

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