Is MMO Niche Actually Just About Sugarcoating and Promising Bombastic Results In Short Time Period?

When you saw what most people do in this space, can't help but making that kind of conclusion right?

If you are doing organic marketing, I assume you know about RVL formula, hence showing "Results" are indeed part of the content creation game, but to show them all the time and then put the link to the Sales Page is not how it's suppose to be done

In fact, I believe rather than attract, it would repel people who could actually benefitted from the solution being offered. So, why is this happening?

I think that it is because so many false Beliefs have been taught by false Gurus in this space for so many years that this method is the easiest path to sell something online 

And the reason why this happens? I can think of a lot of things, but let's condensed it to 3 factors.

First of all, it might be because their targeting is off (well, how many marketers actually spend some time to seriously create their Ideal Customer Avatar based on the solution/offer they have?).

For instance, how many marketers can the answer this simple question: "What kind of transformation are you offering to your audience?" And "What kind of method do you use to get your client from point A to point B without...(certain pains/problems) in order to get...(their wants/desires)?"

Secondly, related to the first one above, they don't know the real problem their product can solved,

and it resulting in their marketing message is not on point because they have no clue about their ideal avatar and where to find them.

Targeting everyone equals to targeting no one! Even if you can afford to buy a missile launcher (translation: expensive paid ads, solo ads, etc), you still should put a coordinate for it's target destination. Aim it to the to wrong crowd and you will get crickets! 

And the Third one, it takes certain amount of time to craft contents that speak to your ideal audience and get their attention, who would spend that kind of time and trying to figure things out on their own without any guidance?

So yes, showing results, testimonials, and saying bombastic promises with hype words are the easiest way to promote products/services online, but can they actually work in your favor? 

What if there is a proven methodology on how to ascend cold readers into hot prospects who are ready to buy what you are offering,

Because they see you as someone who understand their pain/problem and could even describe it better than they can, that it just sounds so silly to ignore you?

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I truly hope you like this article as much as I love writing it. It would be awesome if you might learn something new here to accompany your journey to freedom.  

So that's it for now and feel free to cruise on another post inside my website. Thank you!

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