How to Brand Your Company for Long Term Success

Branding is something of a misunderstood concept, often conflated with product awareness.

Establishing a brand involves an in-depth understanding of what branding is, how human psychology works, and how to successfully create a unique brand that is different from all the rest.

Branding Psychology

There are many great books that delve into the fundamentals of sales and marketing psychology. They can provide invaluable knowledge with regard to how people think and how they interact within a marketing environment.

They can also give a deep understanding outside of the business environment, and strengthen interpersonal relationships.

A thorough understanding of branding psychology will give you insights about your unique business that cannot be acquired from generic internet pages.

How to Implement

There are a wide variety of branding strategies available. When branding a company, remember that these are the values that you are going to uphold for the lifetime of the business.

The company can be branded around high-quality services, honesty and transparency, efficiency, customer-service, making people’s lives better, etc.

You need to consider what you and your business stands for. When you have done this, you will imbue all elements of the business with these values.

Once established, brand everything, as you are building a long-term brand around a particular identity. This includes:

1. Email signatures
2. Business Cards
3. Logos
4. Images
5. Text within your websites and blogs.
6. In all forms of communication, where possible.
7. Social Media

Evaluating a Brand

A core component of branding will also entail that you regularly review the brand and ask for customer feedback.

Branding a company does not merely involve marketing or promoting its positive aspects at all times. But behind every communication, the company brand should be subtly conveyed.

This can include a small signature on an email or business card. Asking for customer feedback and acting on it will enhance your brand and return on investment.

Use Color and Audio 

Effective use of color and audio will tremendously enhance a brand. The same color scheme should be used everywhere and all products and services should be branded with this in mind.

Think of McDonalds with the signature red and yellow, as well as the catchy “I’m loving it” advertisement.

It is important to remember that branding takes place for the largest and smallest companies. Even if you are a freelance contractor, you are going to have a brand of sorts.

And you will have established a reputation based on certain core attributes. Brand what you can as much as possible.

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