ATM Profits Review: The DFY Commission Generating Profit Machine

Are you looking for a Done-For-You funnel that will make you potential passive income?

Well, I must say that you won't be the first to do that, and this won't be the first product offering that. Curious if this is the "holy grail" you've been looking for? Then let's dive in!

What Is ATM Profits?

ATM Profits will show you how you can build your own autopilot ATM Profit machine with PROVEN evergreen method for banking big profits FAST with no gimmicks that's working right now and beyond.

It's 100% beginner friendly, fully automated - 1-time setup pays us over and again, Totally Done-For-You - Duplicate and Copy and paste the entire blueprint.

Bulletproof, scaleable, proven system for making commissions from scratch on autopilot (like the sales page said).

How Does ATM Profits Funnel Looks Like?

Here are the full breakdown of the entire ATM Profits funnel:

  • "ATM Profits" FE - $12.95: ATM Profits will show your customers how they can build their own autopilot ATM Profit machine.
  • Upgrade 1 - ATM Profits “Pro” - $27-$17:
    Unlock advanced Training, strategies and "insider" secrets to earn even more money
  • Upgrade 2 - ATM Profits DFY 365 - $37-$27:
    They will get DFY bonus pages every week for 365 days + One-time Funnel + Email Swipes: (Will require Commissions Gorilla + ClickFunnels)
  • Upgrade 3 - Steal Our Traffic - $197-$97:
    Put your pixel on my sales pages for the next 12 months and build up a huge audience of proven buyers
  • Upgrade 4 - ATM Profits “Quadruple Reseller Rights - $47-$27:
    Sell ATM Profits as your own product and keep 100% of the commissions across the entire funnel as well as another 3 of my best products "Commission Secrets", “Supreme PayDays”, and "Profit Force"... Quadruple Reseller Rights comes with guaranteed approval to promote, ideal for newbies.
  • Upgrade 5 - The Super Affiliate Method - $997:
    Join the beta tester group for our coaching and mentoring program “The Super Affiliate Method” where we will work with you personally to lead you to success (Limited to 15 people only)

What Is Taught Inside ATM Profits Member Area?

Before we dive into what you are going to learn, let me show you the menu breakdown inside the member area:

  • Module 1 - Start here
    • Welcome - Watch First
    • Quick Orientation
    • How We made $12,226 in 30 days using other people's products & Our secret CBP method
  • Module 2 - Quick mindset Check
    • Mindset
  • Module 3 - Main Training
    • Overview
    • Case Study
    • Setting Up Your Autoresponder
    • The DFY Funnel
    • The DIY Funnel
    • Picking Your Offers
    • Email Followups
    • Running Traffic
    • Tracking The Traffic
    • Email Broadcast
    • Keeping Your List Clean
    • Get Your DFY product
  • Module 4 - Conclusion and Next Steps
    • Conclusion - Next Steps
  • Module 5 - Bonuses
    • Bonuses
  • Module 6 - Unannounced Bonuses
    • Unannounced Bonuses
  • Module 7 - Resources
    • Resources
  • Module 8 - Upgrades
    • Upgrades
ATM Profits Review: The DFY Commission Generating Profit Machine 2

ATM Profits Member Area

Okay, so here is the recap: inside ATM Profits you will be taught how to set up your funnel and autoresponder. And then you will need to promote your funnel with paid traffic, which is solo ads as the recommendation.

You will also learn how to do the tracking and how to maintain your list clean because you will need to pay more if your list size grows. So that is ATM Profits in a nutshell. Now let's talk about how much you should pay for this.

How Much Is The Investment?

As you can see above, the initial investment is only $12.95 one time only. BUT...

That is just the cost of the course. To set the funnel up, you need ClickFunnels, and then you need Aweber for the Autoresponder. You need ClickMagic to track the traffic, and most of all, you need to pay solo ads using Udimi platform to drive traffic.

Total cost? I can not know for sure, but it will be more than $100/mth and that should increase because Aweber will charge you according to your list size.

Does it come with guarantee that you will make money spit out like ATM every month? NO.

If it does spit out let say $1K/mth, then by all means buy this right now! 

The fact of the matter is: Online business is not as easy as it seems. If it is that easy, why would they share you their secrets for such a cheap price?

Think about that for a second!

Can I Make ATM Profits Work?

Short answer: yes, you can.

Long answer: It depends. How much do you have to invest right now to set up the funnel? And how much are you willing to pay to keep that funnel running while buying solo ads and maybe other paid traffic to feed the funnel?

Will it be okay for you if you don't see the result right away?

I mean, take me for an example.

I need around 5 months before I get my first commission from a funnel I built. And does that guarantee that every month I will get the same amount of commission at the very least? Nope.

There are months where I got zero. Yes, literally zero.

Think about it for a second. 

Unless you sell a recurring payment product, you will only get one time commission and after that you need to find another buyer. Rinse and repeat.

So yeah, think about it carefully and make sure that you already calculate your own capacity and capability especially if you are very new to this.

I have seen a lot of people give up and no longer in the Affiliate Marketing space because they have unrealistic expectation and little effort to show.

If you are willing to do the work and keep learning new ways of making money, you will finally crack the code. But if you don't want to do that, well, I got something better for you below.

Is There A Better Alternative For ATM Profits?

Actually there is. Depends on who you asked this question to. If you ask me, you already know what programs I recommend for Affiliate Marketing.


If you want an online business which combines the power of Affiliate and Network Marketing,

which you can start from as low as $49.95 one time (and then less than $10/mth) with the potential of making you $2,047.50/mth without having to recruit or selling anything and annoy your friends/families,

then you will be EXCITED to see this:

Imagine if you can buy Bitcoin at $0.1/coin back then in 2010, would you buy it?

I bet you do! But let's face it, we can't turn back the time. So instead of feeling sorry for yourself, why not grab the opportunity that is right in front of you?

Even if you already making decent income online, would it hurt you to add some more? Passive income that is. And you don't even need to do the whole work to make it come true. 

I am inside the fastest team in this business and my sponsor is the #1 recruiter which means that if you join my team, you will definitely make money. Okay, that is enough said, just click the button below and take the free tour. See you at the top!

I hope you enjoyed my review.

If you have any questions about ATM Profits that I haven't answered above, please let me know in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer all your questions.

Thank you!

At your Service,

Freedom Cruiser Team

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