Zendly Review: Multi-Channel Autoresponders With No Restrictions?

Welcome to my review of Zendly! I saw so many new Autoresponders app these days and Zendly is the newest one in the market.

Before you ditch your current Autoresponder and use this instead, read this short review and I will tell you what I think about Zendly. Let's dive in!

What Is Zendly?

Zendly is an AI Autoresponder App that let you send Unlimited Emails, WhatsApp Broadcast, Bulk SMS & Voice Messages from 1 single dashboard and it comes with Leads Generator & Built-In SMTP. No Monthly Fees. No Restrictions at all unlike the usual Autoresponder in the market.

Sneak Peek On Zendly Member Area

To show you that I already tried Zendly before, let me whos you what is inside the member area below:

Zendly Review: Multi-Channel Autoresponders With No Restrictions? 2

Does Zendly Really Works?

As an email autoresponder, it's funny that I don't see the ability of Zendly to make an automation like what Autoresponder normally suppose to do. 

In this case, you can use Zendly to broadcast email to a lot of users, also for WhatsApp and SMS. And one thing I noticed, your email may not always 100% delivered (they have failed email menu for that).

Here are my takes on several Zendly features as stated on the sales page: 

  • Highest Open Rates On The Market (Avg 95%) => This makes no sense as Open Rates will be fluctuative from time to time depending on many factors.
  • One-Click Cross Message On (Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Voice) & Reach Billions Of People => I don't see how to set up a billion receiver on the platform, or maybe it's the accumulation perhaps? 
  • Generate Red-Hot Leads In Any Niche => I think he is just using public data and import it into the app. I tried to input my country and nothing shows. I think it's only working for tier 1 countries.
  • Import/Export Unlimited Contacts With Just One Click = > I didn't try it, but it's easy to do since you can just upload any excel file
  • No Limits - Send As Many Messages To Unlimited Leads (High Inbox Built-In SMTP) => I also doubt the statement of "High Inbox", it depends on many things
  • Drive Unlimited Traffic & Sales To ANY Offer Or Link => Sounds too hype for me
  • No Complicated Setup - Get Up And Running In 2 Minutes => The interface is quite user friendly, so I think a seasonal user can operate this under 2 minutes

To be honest, I have seen so many app like this in the market and I don't think this is make sense for the price offered. I heard some marketers said that similar products stop working after a few months (no surprise!).

As a professional email marketer, I won't advise anyone to use Zendly. Unless you have a bulk list of emails you want to blast promo to, I don't see anything special from Zendly.

They don't even have delivery report, open rate report, and click thru rate report. Very odd to name it an Autoresponder without it. Should have name it Email Blaster or something lol.

Do I recommend Zendly? 100% NO

You can go ahead and try it yourself. There is a money back guarantee as always, but if you don't want to waste your time, stay away from it. I know the conversion is high for this product, but I'm not here to make a quick bux while putting my name in the mud.

Is There A Much More Make Sense Alternative For Zendly?

A lot actually. But I will tell you what Autoresponder I personally use. In fact, I use 2 Autoresponder myself for my online business.

The first one is called SendSteed and it is part of LeadsLeap. This is a real Autoresponder and you can get it for FREE here. You can use it to send emails and there is no limitation on how much subscribers you can have. 

I highly recommend you to upgrade to Pro member and use all of their features. I use the Page Manager to create landing pages, optin pages, thank you pages, bridge pages. I also use their link tracker as well as their Social Review feature. So many benefits in one platform. Super cool!

The second one is also free and it comes with a complete set of funnel that you can use to build your own business if you are just starting out because you will get 100 leads for FREE!

Check them out here and thank me later.

The Autoresponder that comes with the program is 100% FREE for 2.5K subscribers and I think that is more than enough for you to build your first list. If you want to no longer paying for the Autoresponder no matter how big your list is, you should check the VIP upgrade. It's really worth it.


I always have some doubts when I see something that is too good to be true. And it's the same thing I felt about Zendly. If it can actually replace every Autoresponder out there, won't they be soon out of business?

There is a reason why top marketers are using famous AR like Aweber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, etc. Because they actually deliver and they are professional service which will stay in business since it's profitable.

If you want real AR that actually deliver, then check out my recommendations above and choose what platform suits you better. In terms of budget, my recommendations are the best among others and it's enough for me to do Email Marketing. The choice is yours.