The #1 Thing I Will Do If I Have To Start All Over Again

When I first started out my affiliate journey, I begin by searching a good course from a Mentor that I can learn from. I end up buying several courses and trying all the things taught inside.

I stumbled upon so many things and it got me to the point I am so confused and want to give up this online thing. So many Gurus said different things and those just add into the confusion and analysis paralysis.

Sounds familiar? Well, that is why if I have to start all over again. This is what I will do: I will promote one product in the beginning and use a strong lead magnet that will attract the right audience into my world and then build relationship from there.

The problem with this approach is: It will need a long time to learn and apply the knowledge so I can create an awesome lead magnet. And also, even if I manage to create it, I need to test it out and make some changes which will again took a long time to do.

So what would be the best thing to do? 

This is the idea that came to me and my friend, and thus he created free products that are high quality and high perceived value, and then give it away for FREE.

Because he already know what works and what doesn't, these products are attracting the right audience and then he put a paid product as the companion which of course converts like crazy.

So, if you are wondering how did this method works and actually made me hundreds of dollars (plus thousands more from other products I promote), I invite you to read my free report here.

You will learn a lot from this short report and if you are now struggling to make your first commission online, I guarantee 100% that this will help you do just that. Most importantly, you can use this to generate cash continuously and have a long term business ahead. Sounds fun?

Grab my FREE report here and let me know what you think.

I believe you will find this simple idea a total Game-Changer just like I did and so many people who already benefit from this. Ready to be our next success story?

I truly hope you like this article as much as I love writing it. It would be awesome if you might learn something new here to accompany your journey to freedom.  

So that's it for now and feel free to cruise on another post inside my website. Thank you!

At your service,

Freedom Cruiser Team