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This method has been tried and tested for years and I can say for sure that it will work even for total beginner. You may feel overwhelm at first, but take it easy, I am here for you 🙂

Okay, now let's start the lesson. First, please watch the short video below before you continue reading the method. 

Alright, so by now you know that the method is doing Product Reviews (surprise!).

Not just any product review, but you need to have specific strategy. I won't dive into keyword here because I don't think it really matters. Just don't use the word SCAM or any other negative words. 

What I highly suggest is to pick a feature and change it into a benefit that would attract your target audience immediately when they see your review (hint: put it in your headline).

Example of this for a mailer (safelist) product: "XXX mailer review - A Revolutionary Mailer That Has Made Me 2 Sales Within One Week!

And then tell your audience why you said that and show some proof to back your claim(s). This will help you convince them and turn them into a buyer later when you present your offer. 

There are 2 ways on where you should host your review.

The best way is to have your own website (like this), but if you want a quicker result, use existing platform that is proven to convert and already established as an authority platform.

In this method I use LeadsLeap. I have been using LeadsLeap since 3 years ago and this is by far the best platform for generating traffic, list building, funnel builder, and of course social review. 

I have been generating thousands of dollars using LeadsLeap and it's only $20/month for the Pro upgrade. I think that is very affordable if you are just starting out. You can start with a Free account and see how it goes for you.

Alright, let's get down to the nitty gritty. The key factors that you must follow exactly to the T are:

1. Find a product to promote that is under the radar but has a high conversion rate and high commission. In this case I use Tim's products (It has 60% Conversion Rate!) that you can get for FREE here


Start with Lazy Commissions or Traffic Endgame if you prefer to promote a unique traffic product. Email Marketing Secret & Toolkit is the last product from the trilogy, and it is very niched. If you have the audience for that, your chances of success will skyrocketed!

If you are already familiar with W+, I believe you can set up the funnel yourself, but if not, no worries. I got you covered.

If you want a step-by-step video on how to set up your funnel on LeadsLeap using Tim's product, here is the access:


The funnel is done for you. Just copy paste it and follow my guidance. You don't need to upgrade to Pro member in order to use it, but I strongly suggest you do if you want an automated email sequence using SendSteed later on (LeadsLeap built-in Autoresponder) to do the follow-ups and of course for automated traffic.

2. Find a product where there is less competition and prepare something special for your audience so you can stand out easily. In this case, I use Tim's products again because there are only a handful of marketers also promoting it on LeadsLeap, plus I made 100% commissions for every sale (you can find out more about this on upsell #3 inside the product funnel).

3. Now it's time to write the actual review. Below are the framework I use whenever I wrote a review:

  • Be short and concise. Don't make it too long and hard to read. If your review can be done in under 5mins, that is good. If you use video review and post it on Youtube, I found that under 11-15mins works best. More than that people will feel reluctant and they will look for shorter video. Remember that the attention span of people online now is getting shorter and shorter!
  • Of course you need to have a good headline that invokes curiousity. I can't teach you how, feel free to learn by yourself and find out what works best for you.
  • Be genuine and brutally honest! Don't be like most marketers who only show the good side o the product because they just want to make a sale as fast as they can. Just say in your own words your experience using the product. A review from a genuine customer is more likely to be heard (or read) especially if you can spot something that other marketers aren't showing. 
  • Don't be afraid to make grammatical errors. You can always fix it later. Moreover, this also proves that your review is written by human and not AI generated content. People are looking for human connections here. Give them that and you are golden!
  • For a written review post, use these sequence:
    • What is the product and what problem it solved for the buyer
    • Who is the creator and their background (optional)
    • How this product can benefit your audience (the value must be way bigger than the price to pay)
    • Your experience with the product. What you like and don't like, Pros and Cons. Add your own result after using the product. State your own mind. Don't be afraid to say things as they are. 
    • Call out people who will be the right fit for the product and state WHY they have to buy now if you recommend the product. Give them some advice so they see you as someone trustworthy.
    • On the contrary, if you don't recommend the product, state the reasons why and then recommend something else that you believe is more suitable. This will work if you give an honest feedback on the product quality. People love to read your point of view and it will make you stand out in front of every other marketers.
    • Present your offer if possible (Bonuses, Support, etc). Giving something of value that will complement the core product you are selling will increase the conversion. Especially if you made it yourself, or you have a paid product that you can give as a bonus (of course you should buy the license right first).
    • Use a closing statement and encourage them to take action now.

That's it! Follow this framework and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

You will need to test things out to find your own style. Never ever try to imitate somebody else even if they are 6-Figure Gurus! 

People love authenticity. Give it to them!

You don't have to know everything, just need to be a few steps in front of your targeted audience. 

You will be more relatable if you can share your journey. 

Your success, your failure, and your transformation will inspire people to follow you.

Times have changed. People would rather buy from someone who was once in their shoes and understand their problem better than a Guru who is unreachable and don't really care about them.

People are sick of fake gurus and fake claims/results. People are looking for a genuine and transparent marketer who do what he/she says. And that is the whole point of this method. Be genuine while still being you 🙂

Alright, I hope you find value in this and can't wait to hear your success stories in applicating this method. 

You can always reach out to me at dominic@freedomcruiser.com 

I will be waiting for your breakthrough story 🙂 

See you at the top,