Should You Sell Your Own Digital Product or an Affiliate Product?

Selling digital information products such as eBooks, courses and video series is one of the very best way to make money online.

This is a very simple business model that will allow you to make money by selling a product that costs you nothing to produce and that doesn’t require storing or even delivering.

Everything you sell will net you almost 100% profit!
But the question is whether you should develop your own digital product, or whether you would be better off selling a product someone else made as an affiliate. Let’s take a look at both arguments…

Creating a Product

If you create your own digital product, then you’ll have the considerable advantage of owning that product 100%. In other words, you won’t need to split the earnings with anyone and you’ll be able to make as many changes as you like to your product, branding and marketing.

There’s also a certain amount of pride that comes from owning your own digital products and you can make sure that the product matches the branding of your website or blog.

Eventually, you can even recruit affiliate marketers to help you sell your product. This can mean you have an entire legion of marketers promoting your product and helping you sell its good qualities.

The result could be that you have a legion of marketers helping you to earn more revenue for your product!

Selling an Affiliate Product

On the other hand though, some people will prefer to sell digital products as an affiliate because it means they won’t have to develop it themselves.

This means that they can start selling right away and it means that there will be zero overheads and no upfront investment.

What’s more, is that an affiliate product gives you the distinct advantage of being able to choose something that is already selling. In other words, you can look for a product that is proven and that means you know that it can be profitable.

With your own product you have no such assurance and there’s always a small chance you’ll end up creating something no one wants.

Seeing as an affiliate product can net you 75% of the commission in some cases and you can sell as many as you want, there’s no upper limit here in terms of your potential profits.

The conclusion? There isn’t one! Ultimately, the answer comes down to you. But now you have all the information to make the best possible decision…

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