Make Your First $100 to $1,000 Online With This Free Method

Hey there!

I've been in your shoes, and I know that it can be so overwhelming not knowing where you should start your online business and how to actually make decent income online.

Worry not, this is where I came in and help you do just that!

For starters, the kind of business we are going to do is called Affiliate Marketing, and it consists mainly of three simple things:

  1. A product to offer that solves a certain problem(s)
  2. An Audience who see that product as the solution(s) to their problem(s)
  3. A way to bring the right Audience to know the product and buy it (well, that is how we got paid)

And to do just that, I am going to give you a proven-to-convert funnel together with how to drive traffic into it so they will buy the product (and yes, I am GIVING you the product for FREE also). 

The product itself is about The Ultimate Traffic Sources that are proven to convert and evergreen. This is a product made by my best friend and he allowed me to approve your affiliate link. 

You need to get inside the product first HERE and study it.

This is important because you will also learn how to generate more organic traffic and you need to get inside first before you can promote this product.

The next step is, Go to Affiliate & JV Center at the bottom of the Menu (see picture below) to request your affiliate link. 

Make Your First $100 to $1,000 Online With This Free Method 1

Afterwards, please click Traffic Endgame and then click the "Request your affiliate link here" button as shown below.

Make Your First $100 to $1,000 Online With This Free Method 2

Make sure you already create a Warrior+ account before doing this.

It's free to signup. Afterwards, you will see a page with "Request Approval" button.

Click the button and write "Dominic sent me" inside the Request Notes area and click Request Offer button (see pic below).

Make Your First $100 to $1,000 Online With This Free Method 3

That's it! Please give 1-2 days for Tim to approve your link.

This product has 65% Conversion rate, meaning that from 2 visitor, one of them most likely will buy this product.

Yes, the Front End is totally FREE, and it is designed that way so your audience will get the value first and when they like it, there is a higher chance for them to buy the upsells inside the product and by then you can make your FIRST $100 or more for FREE! (You have the potential to make $200+ with just one sale! See the P.S. section below)

Sounds exciting? 

If so, then watch the instructions video below on how to set up your funnel for FREE (yes, you will not pay a dime for it).

Here are the steps mentioned inside the video:

  1. We are going to use a proven platform called LeadsLeap. First, create your free account HERE
  2. Please login into your account and then create your new list under List Manager, load the welcome email with this swipe here. Simply change the link with your own affiliate link and also don't copy paste it  please...use your own word because people love authenticity.
  3. Go To Page Manager. Click Add a new campaign. Afterwards, use this Share Code: page-zcfBZmU
  4. Click Launch Editor. On List, choose the first option (Use SendSteed). 
  5. Enter the list ID and then put your affiliate link inside the redirect URL option. 
  6. Congrats! You have successfully create your funnel. Now it's time to get traffic into it. Learn how to do that using the product we are promoting or use LeadsLeap by using the credit (or you can upgrade to Pro member for just $20/mth if you want so you don't need to collect credits manually again)
  7. Lastly, if you want ZERO Guesswork Affiliate Marketing System which provides 10 EPIC Promo Kits & Comes With DFY Traffic Options, Guaranteed Affiliate Approval, and 100% Resell Rights for just $5CLICK HERE


Make sure you already replace the affiliate link inside the email swipe with your own link and also fill in the redirect URL option inside the Page Manager Builder with your own link as well. 

That's all and if you want more products to promote, you can also check out my other recommendations here:

Lazy Commissions - This is the most straightforward way to make $100/Day using Affiliate Marketing. I have been practicing this for 3 years now and make consistent income from it.

Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit - This is specifically for Email Marketers only. If you want to build your list and monetize it, plus getting tons of free tools for your email marketing, this will blow your mind away!

I hope you find this helpful and more importantly, implement this method since you got nothing to lose (it's all free, and even if you want to automate it, you only need around $25/month to do so).

Got any questions? Contact me at or chat with me here.

That's all from me. See you again next time!

To Your Success,


P.S. If you crack your first or next commissions online with my method, could you please let me know? Thank you very much and can't wait to hear from you soon!

P.P.S. If you decided to upgrade to Pro Member on LeadsLeap under my account, I will give you all of my proven-to-convert funnels and the email swipes too so you can promote these 3 high converting products (Traffic Endgame, Lazy Commissions, Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit). How's that for an offer? 🙂

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