LinkedIn is best for these 5 Businesses

Everybody seems to be on LinkedIn these days, even if they don’t have a business.

But if you have one of these following businesses, you don’t have much of a choice: you’ve got to link in.

#1: Commercial Real Estate. 

Any real estate agent worth their salt should be putting their visage all over every place they can get it (especially social media).

Of course, there are rules that regulate how you promote other people’s property, but it’s fine to promote yourself, and beneficial for your income.

You never know when someone is going to need a new home, or unload their current residence...but when it comes to commercial real estate, LinkedIn is a must.

A vast majority of businesses still need a brick and mortar footprint, giving you a huge pool of leads and potential clients.

#2: Consulting. 

If you're a consultant, you’re a sort of life-coach and mentor to businesses, and not consumers.

LinkedIn is going to be your prime venue for finding future clients, so leverage it as much as you can by posting relevant content, interacting on the wall, and just spreading your inspirational light as much as you can without giving too much away for free.

#3: Lending. 

Whether you’re a private lender looking to angelically hover over startups with a little seed money, or you’re on the sales team of a large bank, LinkedIn is going to be your #1 watering hole for finding those business-related creatures that are congregating to drink in the sweet waters of capital funding.

#4: E-Commerce. 

Who doesn’t want to get their beak wet in a little eBay or Amazon action these days? Post success stories as much as you can, and offer to manage accounts for people who want to sell things online.

Most businesses will also want a competent person managing their digital commerce channels, so you can pick up some business that way as well.

#5: AirBnB Arrangements. 

This is an up-and-coming business that’s actually already pretty huge in a number of places. Business people work hard, so they’re always eyeing (and dreaming) about the next vacation.

If you post pics of places you’re renting or managing, they’ll be sure to stop scrolling and click on to your website.

You may not have expected LinkedIn to be fertile ground for this business, but mixing a little pleasure with business can result in some good leads for your profitability. 

I truly hope you like this article as much as I love writing it. It would be awesome if you might learn something new here to accompany your journey to freedom.  

So that's it for now and feel free to cruise on another post inside my website. Thank you!

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