How to Make BIG Money From a Free E-Book

Want to know how to make a lot of money? Give something away for free!

This might sound mad but actually it's a tried and true strategy that has been a hallmark of business since time immemorial.

Just think about Starbucks – often you'll pass one of their stores and find they're passing out tasters of their various coffees or cakes. Of course the reasoning behind this is that you'll be able to see how delicious they are and then in future you'll think about visiting.

In other words, they are demonstrating their value to you so that you'll be more interested in going in in future.

Bloggers do this all the time too: by providing free content on your website, you demonstrate the value you're capable of offering and this in turn gives your audience more reason to want to buy from you when you tell them you're selling a course or an e-book.

But why not go even further with it… why not give the e-book away for free?

Why This Plan is Just Crazy Enough to Work

The thing is, we're used now to getting free content when we visit websites. This is nothing new, it's not exciting and we don't tend to get especially excited about it.

On the other hand though, we're used to paying for our e-books.

So when someone sends you a completely free e-book, when you find one online, or when you find one on Amazon – you'll probably download it.

And this is especially true if it sounds genuinely good and if you really think that it can help you to lose weight/make money/find love or do whatever it is that it's promising to do.

And once you've downloaded this free book, you will probably read it.

Monetizing the E-book

And as an affiliate marketer you have a very easy way to monetize that: by offering links to a number of products you can recommend throughout the book and really sell. Now you know your audience is interested in what you're promoting and all you have to do is make it sound great and give them the link.

If you have a mailing list then this is a fantastic strategy: just e-mail your list and say 'check out this completely free book as a thank you'. What's even better is that your audience will be grateful and see it as a kind favor! 

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I truly hope you like this article as much as I love writing it. It would be awesome if you might learn something new here to accompany your journey to freedom.  

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