CoverFox Review: Saves Your Time & Money For High Quality Cover Designs

Let me save you time and money by directly saying this before you dive into my review below: "Are you someone who needs eCover Design for your own product?"

If you answer YES for above question, then you may proceed. Otherwise, there is no point of you to read this review unless you just want to know what CoverFox is. If that is what you want, then let's dive in!

What Is CoverFox?

CoverFox in a nutshell is a package of 50 Stunning Done-For-You, Time Saving & Completely-Editable eCover Designs All For One Low Price. 

Almost everything you need to create quick graphics design for PDF Reports,
Ecover Design, Kindle Ebooks, or even designs for FB Covers and Box Covers.

You can also edit the files even if you don't have Photoshop, because along with your purchase, you will get access to a FREE software that allows you to edit PSD files. Quite convenient I must say.

You can create a Kindle Cover and InfoProduct Covers like a 3D book, magazine, and reports. This product will help you SAVE a ton of money on Cover Designs, so you can concentrate on spending that bit more on your marketing.

What Will I Get Inside CoverFox?

This is a straightforward product, inside the member area there are only a few videos and the access to the 50 DFY eCover Designs. First, I will show you the member area below:

CoverFox Review: Saves Your Time & Money For High Quality Cover Designs 4

As you can see, there are only welcome video, overview, how to access Coverfox, and then  free resources plus the conclusion video. The rest are the Bonuses and Upgrades/Upsells.

Here is the short demo video for CoverFox:

What Are The Upsells Inside CoverFox?

Here are the complete funnel for CoverFox:

  • FRONT END — CoverFox ($12.95)
    50 x DFY Designs - Fully Customizable - All Source Files Included.
  • OTO #1 — CoverFox PRO Version ($47) — $27 Downsell
    Get 100 x MORE DFY Designs with Design Developer Rights + White Label Rights.
  • OTO #2 — Total Traffic Fix ($197) — $97 Downsell
    Send 10 x super solo ads to all the members at all 25 of my own membership sites in the MMO niche. Plus place your banner permanently on my 25 sites. Plus enjoy free VIP upgrades at all of the sites to enjoy a massive traffic injection.
  • OTO #3 — Reseller Rights  ($47) — $27 Downsell
    Get reseller rights to CoverFox and enjoy 100% commissions across the ENTIRE sales funnel. Sell the product as if it were your own.
  • OTO #4 — DFY Weekly Campaigns ($97) - $47 Downsell
    Get sent 3 x DFY campaigns each and every week. Includes DFY bonus page with review video, product demo and ten custom bonuses delivered for you (requires Commission Gorilla).
  • OTO #5 — Elite Academy BETA Tester ($997) — $497 x 3 Downsell

Should I Buy CoverFox?

Okay, now is the moment of truth (drumroll please...). Should you buy CoverFox? 

Well, that depends....


Do you find yourself in need for eCover designs? That is the first question.

The second question would be: Do you mind watching the tutorial video on how to edit the design using a free app?

And my last question is: Do you mind doing some little work to design your own eCover?

If the answer are all YES, then this might be a good fit for you. Either you choose to sell the eCover or use it yourself, both are valid options to get your initial small investment back. 

Otherwise, I don't think you should buy this product (unless you like it and want to promote this product also if you are an Online Marketer like me).

Are There Any Other Alternatives For CoverFox?

Well, if we are talking about designs, I personally use CANVA for all of my design needs. But of course you need to pay monthly fee if you want to use the Pro version, which is kind of a deal breaker if you want a cheaper altrernatives.

There are other eCover designer app out there, but I think it will cost you more than what you need to invest into CoverFox right now.

That said, you can always ask someone to create an eCover design for you on platform like Fiverr or Upwork. So yeah, there are many alternatives for graphic design, be it using an app or outsourcing it.

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I hope you enjoyed my review.

If you have any questions about CoverFox that I haven't answered above, please let me know in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer all your questions.

Thank you!

At your Service,

Freedom Cruiser Team