7-Figure Accelerator Super Short Review: The Harsh Reality Of Most Make Money Online Program

So today I'm experimenting with a new style of review, and I will make this super short so you can get the gist in just a few minutes. Let's dive in!

What Is 7-Figure Accelerator?

7-Figure Accelerator is a course created by Philip Marius Johansen and it is now getting a lot of traction due to it's controversy.

I will not explain what the course is all about because for me it is just another pay to play product with DFY funnels and lots of BS. In the end you join to learn how to promote the course itself, and not learning any new skill.

I saw the first BS when Philip said you will get $30,000+/month in 90 days or less and he is willing to pay you $10,000 if you don't see any result. Now, this is total misleading and if you don't read the T&C correctly, you will sign-up and think that you are elligible to ask for refund and get $10,000 for your "hardwork".

Which of course, this is just a way to lure people to get in and convince them to buy. I think that Philip already changed a few things here and there because the last time I check the Free Training, the wording has been changed as shown below.

7-Figure Accelerator Super Short Review: The Harsh Reality Of Most Make Money Online Program 2

The headline above is quite intriguing and makes me wonder myself did Philip really make $1K to $5K every day without fail?

That sounds too good to be true, furthermore, how can somebody who is totally new to Affiliate Marketing can replicate it? PLUS, he said he never need to sell anything himself, then how did he make that kind of income?

Another thing that bugs me is the first bullet check which said "How to re-upload other people's content", which is copy and pasting and that means your content is NOT unique, and obviously it won't work if there are thousands of people doing the same thing at once. Does this sound make sense for you?

Is 7-Figure Accelerator Legit?

The course is real and you will get the DFY funnels. But for a $1,497 product, there are too much hype and BS that will put this product in danger if FTC knows about the hypey promises. 

I guess that is why Philip change the copy so he won't get called out by the authorities. I think this will be a time bomb that will explode anytime soon with such bold claims and promises. 

Should You Buy 7-Figure Accelerator?

Well, if you want to take the risk and you will not feel sorry if your investment turns out to be a total waste of time and money, then please go ahead (short version: not recommended).

In the end this is about promoting the course itself by leveraging testimonies from the one who make the sales before and other tactics taught inside the course.

I have seen many of the buyers of this product doing the exact same thing on TikTok. They create a "value" video and then offer something in order to get massive engagement on their videos so that the algorithm will work on their favor. 

The CTA is usually on their profile link and it goes to the Instagram profile or straight to the Free Training link that I put the screenshot above. 

The strategy is indeed valid and I do that myself. Providing free value that leads to free offer is the best way to collect leads. But you need to be honest and ethical when you put your offer out there. Hyped claims and promises are getting too old now. 

As someone who already inside this MMO niche for 3years, I have seen the same pattern repeated over and over again. Why? because it is proven to work. What I mean is that the tactics work to ensnare unexperienced people to handed over their hard-earned cash hoping they will get much more from their investment.

If you want to build a sustainable online business, you have to do it the right way. The first problem that I saw many marketers do is that they promote the product and never promote themselves. 

What happens when the product is no longer available to sell? Well, there goes your income 🙂 

Is There A Better Alternative For 7-Figure Accelerator?

Yes there is! In fact, I have made 10X of my initial investment and all of them are 100% passive income!

If you want a 100% legit product that I could back with my own words because not only I do actually make money from it (nice 4-figures btw), but also because I personally know who the vendor is, then you can get it for FREE here

Remember this, in order to really able to make money online, you must understand how it works and mastering some basic skills especially on sales and marketing.

That is the way. The right way. The only way. By doing this you will understand which product is actually delivering their promise and which one is total crap and BS.

Hope this has been useful for you. Feel free to contact me should you have any other questions or just want to reach out to me.

I will get back to you as soon as I can since we have different time zone and all. Thanks for reading my review and Good Luck with your online business!