3 Ways to Promote Your Brand on Social Media

Social media is one of the most widely promoted yet poorly utilized tools available to promote a brand.

If you really want to stay ahead, then consider focusing on these 3 key ways to promote your brand on social media instead of being mired in mediocrity.

#1 - Stats and Visual Content

Customers absolutely love infographics, charts, graphs, and other visual elements. If you can provide a reputable source of statistics and make a graph or chart out of it, customers will be really taken with the brand.

This is because it satisfies the human need for authority and data with the creative needs of color and aesthetic pleasure. They will remember the graph, and also the brand.

Images alone can vastly increase engagement and conversion, according to all the latest data. So it is better to post consistently but with engaging content than to post all the time with posts that customers fail to engage with.

#2 - Have a Consistent Message

The simple fact is that social media provides a massive platform to access a global audience. But many social media managers have different messages on various platforms.

No company ever really engages in different branding messages to different audiences, though they might use different means of getting the message across.

The overall tone, quality, and branding need to be the same across various social media platforms. You can experiment with the content, just not the tone or the brand, which need to be uniform at all times.

Along with consistency of brand comes consistency of posting frequency, as mentioned above.

#3 - Focus Your Efforts

The main setback (with all kinds of digital marketing, not just branding) comes from too much information and too many strategies. The trick is to get as precise as possible with your social media branding methodology.

Establish a voice and the topics that you want to post about early on. Post with the same kind of voice on relevant topics to maintain consistency and familiarity.

Additionally, choose a social media network platform where your target audience is most likely to be found. Many teens can be found on Tumblr, while networking professionals can be found primarily on LinkedIn.

If you establish your voice, clarify your areas of interest, use stats and graphs, post high-quality content consistently, and choose the right social media networks, your brand will thrive.

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