3 Ways To Get To Know Your Online Audience

The most effective way to ensure success for your social media marketing is to appeal to your audience.

The question is, how can you do this without knowing who they are? Even when companies believe they have an understanding of their target audience, their actual audience can be quite different in reality.

This is why it is vital that organizations take the time to truly understand their audience so that they can work on providing services, products and marketing that appeals directly to them.

The same can be said for online marketing and the use of social media platforms. In order to provide content that engages your audience, you have to understand who they are and what interests them.

There are three key ways to do this.

1. Analytics

Analytics are tools that you use to assess the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

It can compare the success of different platforms, what types of content is most effective and provide specific statistics around your audience numbers and their type of engagement. 

Running analytics on your different social media platforms is a great way to get to know your audience.

Some detailed programs allow you to learn about the demographics (age, gender, location) of your visitors, but even information on how they were directed to your page, how long they spent there and whether or not their visit converted to a sale can be extremely useful information.

2. Surveys

Once you have built up a loyal following, consider conducting a survey. You might have to provide some sort of prize as an incentive to complete it, but a survey is a great way to collect data on your audience.

You can choose to receive feedback on the site, understand who they are, what they like and dislike about your pages and offerings, and what they look for when it comes to brands like yours.

This information can then be collected and will drive your future business practices and marketing.

3. Engage with them

Social media is all about building networks. If people are engaging with your posts, respond to them! It's an easy way to make them feel heard and appreciated, while also being able to collect vital information regarding their interest in your page.

Social media presence is all about engaging with your audience and it will be a difficult task when you don't know who they are!

Spend some time defining your audience and you will be sure to see the benefits. Not everyone can become your audience, so you need to target them specifically for the solution(s) you provide.

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